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Month: August 2014

Oppikoppi Odyssey August 2014

Pipe Bong performing through the streets of Oppikoppi

Pipe Bong performing through the streets of Oppikoppi

Oppi turned 20 this year and Sky Res was there to bear witness! With so much South African talent (and some international) packed into 3 days, this was a festival we were glad not to miss.

Apart from enjoying the amazing line up and endless entertainment, we followed Pipe Bong as they performed through the streets of Oppi for their 12th year in a row. They provided a good show for all the temporary residents while we, doing what we do best, took photos from angles no ordinary photographer could get.

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This weekend we attended a touch rugby tournament where teams from all over the country competed, including the South African touch rugby team!

Of course Sky Res was there, filming the games from a slightly different angle.

Touch Rugby, a sport currently taking South Africa by storm, is all about mentality, fitness and teamwork. This sport is so diverse. You can have any kind of build, any kind of strategy and any kind of speed and agility, because anything that you bring to the team is what will drive it to success.

We definitely enjoyed ourselves and will hopefully be attending a few more games in the future!

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