Based in Pretoria, South Africa (although we do enjoy travel), we are a unique collective  of photographers, producers and flying robot enthusiasts. With our cinema multi-rotors we’re able to take photography to new heights, capturing shots previously deemed impossible.

Using aerial photography to give a particularly unique overview of subjects ranging from building sites to live concerts, we work to bring a new perspective to the currently limited world of photography.

Explore new angles, experience something new, fly with the birds and see things from our eyes.

Our rates are  unseen to the industry,  mostly because our drones seem to work out a lot cheaper than renting helicopters or fixed-wings with the added benefit of not risking one of our colleagues’ lives. All this while maintaining a low carbon footprint and ensuring your most environmentally friendly option when it comes to aerial photography.

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, why not visit our gallery and see for yourself?